RAYSUN T-3 Multi-functional Airsoft Baton Tonfa

2022/01/21 UPDATE

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Multi-purpose Night Vision Monocular

Expandable baton with glass breaker

Expandable baton

  • EB-3 is a top impact weapons with its supreme performance and attractive price.
  • The three-section EB-3 is a friction lock baton made of 4130 steel, the special coating treatment optimizes the balance of hardness and durability and makes it a powerful and nearly indestructible striking surface that can resist rust, corrosion and abrasion, perfect for high humidity environment.
  • EB-3 comes with a glass-breaking endcap with hardness up to 60±2°HRc allowing to break car window within seconds and pull out the fragments with its grooved section shortly; ideal for law enforcement or assaulting action.
  • The gravity locates in second shaft next to grip can ensure the handling comfort and maneuverability.
  • The no-slip handle provides increased retention, the attached end cap can use as a support to enhance the anti-slide function.

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Expandable baton Breaking car window

Breaking car window
Comparison table

Item SB3 USA  brand
Origin Taiwan America
Price Low High
Material CR-MO-AL CR-MO-AL
Max. hardness 50±2°HRC 50°HRC
Surface treatment resist rust, corrosion and abrasion resist rust, corrosion and abrasion
60±2°HRC no
Durability High High
Anti-slide Double functionality Standard
Anti-bend Strong Strong
Anti-impact Strong Strong
Maintenance Easy Easy


(with end cap)
235(closed)、558(opened)xØ28(mm)/ 530g
Max hardness: 50±2°HRC
Material: 4130 CR-MO-AL
End cap dimension 49.77 x Ø34.8(mm)
End cap hardness: 60±2°HRC

Standard package

    1. Ball unit
    2. 1st section
    3. 2nd section
    4. 3rd section
    5. Retaining clip
    6. Endcap
Expandable baton


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