Raysun Multicopter Defender, DRONE Defender, UAV Jammer, UAV Intercept system, Drone Jammer

2024/05/24 UPDATE

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Multi-purpose Night Vision Monocular
RAYSUN MD1 Multicopter Defender

Drone Defender UAV Jammer

  • Drone is now commonly used to spy personal privacy or top-secret information day and night, it's also used as an invasive tool by using with weapon for illegal purpose, which is caused a serious problem on the sky, so Multicopter Defender is an ideal device to counter the threat nowadays.
  • The shoulder rifle can interfere with radio frequency of the drone within 3 seconds to trick it into believing it's out of range of the owner, then the drone is programmed to either return to the owner, make a controlled descent, or fall out of the sky. The device allows to control ISM or GPS signal individually, for example, the user can only cut down ISM signal while keep GPS working to track the UAV owner's position and destroy it.
  • With ability to use with night vision device or thermal scope for night time operation within 1100m.
  • TThe high gain directional antenna can be free from environmental interference.

MD-1 Multicopter Defender is used for UniversiadeTaipei 2017 to execute the "Sky Net" campaign with an aim to counter drone.
News report:

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EBC News
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TTV News
Formosa News

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Taiwan-made RAYSUN MD1 Multicopter Defender is used in Iraq to counter drone.
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Xinhua News Report
無人機干擾槍新聞報導2 無人機干擾槍新聞報導3


UAV Defender
CCTV Report (China)
Multicopter Defender
(UAV Jammer / Drone Defender)
Field test on Multicopter Defender

3 break-in drones caused the flight delay in Taiwan airport

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UAV airdrop bomb UAV smuggling of firearms / drugs
UAV interference flight safety UAV air photography infringement of

Operation Instruction
Multicopter Defender
Before use
GPS and flight is under normal condition.
Multicopter Defender Power on GPS
GPS signal is missing, while flight condition can be tracked as well, which force the drone should be either controlled manually or descend slowly; auto-flight mode is not allowed.
Multicopter Defender Power on ISM.
The device is beyond owner's control, while GPS function will guide the drone go back to the owner, so user can catch both targets easily.

Power on GPS and ISM
The drone completely lose its control, and can be only flying without any intention.
The effective range is up to 1100m

24h Long Distance night vision system (option)
UAV Jammer Multicopter Defender night vision
24h Thermal scope (option)
UAV Jammer Multicopter Defender thermal scope


With battery capacity display and weak alarm function


1. Applicable GPS frequency: L1 / L2
2. Applicable ISM band()2.4G: 2400~2500 MHz
3. Applicable ISM band(5.8G): 5700~5900 MHz
4. Output power: Up to 30W and above.
5. Antenna gain: 10~12dBi, ERIP:up to 180dBm
6. Effective range: Above 1100M

Multicopter Defender
Portable Multicoper Defender


116 cm x 33 cm x 190 cm


Less than 6 Kg (Include battery、full set)


DC 24V

Battery Capacity

6400 m/Ah

Operational temperature

-10 degree~55 degree

Relative humidity


Protection Class


Operation time

60 mins

Battery Charge time

約4 hours

Frequency range


Beam width (range)

±15 degree

Output Power


Antenna output power

12~15 dBi

Effective range

More than 1100 meter

Standard package

1. UAV Jammer main unit
2. Carrying case
3. external power cord
4. charger
5. tripod holder
6. hand-held bracket

Optional Items

1.Night vision device
(With combination set)

2. Thermal imager
(With combination set)

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