Raysun X-1 Multi-functional Stun Gun, Cuncam, Guncamera, Laser pointer, powerful LED light

2022/01/21 UPDATE

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Multi-purpose Night Vision Monocular

Raysun X-1 Plus
Multi-functional Stun Gun with Cam Recorder

stun gun X1 plus
  • The best non-lethal devices with a detachable and robust carbon fiber body to meet demands on durability and maintenance.
  • DC power is 2 ~ 4 times safer than AC power to human & animal body according to IEC TS 60479-1 from International Electro-technical Commission
  • With special design to resist high voltage, interference and vibration to ensure the recording quality. The device can automatically save the data every 3 minutes Provide circulate recording to avoid missing any critical moment.
  • Integrate LED light with 100m visible range. (Remain all the X-1 functions)
  • Adopt dual batteries to supply power for gun body and camcorder.
  • Integrates dedicated digital Cam Recorder with or without Laser pointer and powerful LED light featuring illumination (over 100M) / aiming / giddying purposes.
  • The unique & powerful multi-functional non-lethal weapon.

Support 8 types of cartridges


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Support 8 types of cartridges
stun gun Probes Probes ( 3.5 / 6 m): (yellow):
Launch two barbed probes attached to device by two conductive wires ; from as far as 3.5/6m, the device transmits electric shock through the wire to immobilize the target. It's ideal for mid-range defense.
Stun gun Pepper powder cartridge Pepper powder cartridge: (pink)
Cause the target tearing, coughing and disability on eyes opening after being inflamed with superb spicy powder. The powder is diffused over the air with effective range up to 3~5m.
Stun gun Pepper bullet cartridge Pepper bullet cartridge: (red)
Same effect as pepper powder, but effective range is further up to 12~15m away.
Stun gun Rubber bullet cartridge Rubber bullet cartridge: (black)
With unique trail design to increase the shooting accuracy while not cause any bodily harm. After fire, a huge explosion sound will be created, and meantime, an unbearable pains will be made to effectively intimidate the target.
Stun gun Stun cartridge Stun cartridge: (blue)
The huge explosion sound, 80 meter away from being fired, can cause intimidating and stunning blast effect to people around.
The measured audible sound exceeds
150 db 2 meter away from the explosion, however, the egg laid at 50 cm away from the explosion remains unharmed.
It is perfectly effective in driving out riot or animals without causing any harm to them.

Stun Gun SOS signal bullet cartidge SOS signal bullet cartidge: (white)
Fire as high as 80m in the sky to create a powerfully flaming signal for SOS or help the target positioning.
Stun gun Paintball cartridge Paintball cartridge (green)
Adopt non-washable dye to make obvious marks. The dye has a blood-like color which may scare the target as he will be under an illusion that he is bleeding after got shot..
Stun Gun Extension stick
  Extension stick: (Length 38 cm)
Use with X-1 or X-1 plus to extend the effective range. Allow to use as a stun baton to enhance the defense during confrontation.
stun gun x1 illustration

Belt/Leg dual holster
Stun gun x1 Belt/Leg dual holster

Model X-1(D) Plus X-1(A) Plus
Battery Rechargeable Ni-MH battery, 7.2VDC, 1800mA, running time: 60 minutes (continuously electric shock or illuminating)
Current type DC current AC current
Penetration Around 2cm clothing Around 3.5cm clothing
Peak open circuit arcing voltage Approx. DC 33KV ±10% Approx. AC 50KV (average) ±10%
Frequency 0 Hz (DC current) 50 Hz (AC current)
Output current <0.3mA (measured by connect 100M ohms impedance load) <0.3mA (measured by connect 100M ohms impedance load)
Temperature range -10°C ~ +55°C
Housing High impact carbon composites
Size 150(L)*130(W)*39(H)mm
Weight <450g(without Cartridge)
Warranty 1 year

Name/Model X-1 dedicated digital A/V Cam Recorder
Recording resolution 1280x960/640x480 switchable
Lens 0.6mm
Field of view Around. 61 degree
Memory Micro SD HC card
Date & Time display YMD/HMS
File format AVI
Record mode Continuous
Frames per second 24 fps/29 fps
Charging indication (green light) Charging: ON/Full charged: OFF
Battery capacity 550mA Li-on battery
Battery running time (exclude laser Pointer) Around 80 minutes above
Low power indication Red light flash
Data output port USB 2.0
Dimension 66x59x37 mm
Weight Around 52 g
LED light/Laser pointer
  • LED light: illuminating range reach to around 100M.
  • Laser red-dot pointer.
-Wave length:: 645~665nm.
-MTBF: 10,000 hours
-Output power: Class IIIa–below 5mW


According to test report, X-1 is proven to be completely safe to normal human body, the test items include output Voltage, Current and cartridges conducted by below authorities:

  1. Industrial Technology Research Institute : Test on wave type, electric voltage, electric current.
  2. National Taiwan University of Science and Technology: It’s proven to be completely safe to human body.
  3. Electronics Testing Center, Taiwan: It’s proven to be completely safe to human body.
  4. Automotive Research & Testing Center: The test result is non-lethality after conducting cartridge shooting tests.
  5. Animal Technology Institute Taiwan: It’s harmless to animals according to clinical report in heartbeat, pulse and blood pressure  

This product is licensed and has insured for 20 million with the First Insurance Co., Ltd.


WARNING: This device should only be used in accordance with local laws and regulations. We are not responsible for any misuse of our products and take no responsibility for injuries as a result of improper handling or abuse. We also reserve the right to vary, modify or improve on any specification and/or design at will without any prior notice in accordance with our company’s commitment to quality control and excellence.

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