Raysun X-1 Multi-functional Stun Gun, Cuncam, Guncamera, Laser pointer, powerful LED light

2024/02/20 UPDATE

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Multi-purpose Night Vision Monocular

Raysun X-1 Plus
Multi-functional Stun Gun with Cam Recorder

stun gun X1 plus
  • The best non-lethal devices with a detachable and robust carbon fiber body to meet demands on durability and maintenance.
  • DC power is 2 ~ 4 times safer than AC power to human & animal body according to IEC TS 60479-1 from International Electro-technical Commission
  • With special design to resist high voltage, interference and vibration to ensure the recording quality. The device can automatically save the data every 3 minutes Provide circulate recording to avoid missing any critical moment.
  • Integrate LED light with 100m visible range. (Remain all the X-1 functions)
  • Adopt dual batteries to supply power for gun body and camcorder.
  • Integrates dedicated digital Cam Recorder with or without Laser pointer and powerful LED light featuring illumination (over 100M) / aiming / giddying purposes.
  • The unique & powerful multi-functional non-lethal weapon.


Human test(YOUTUBE)




Working principle

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Reusable Practice Paper
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Belt/Leg dual holster
Stun gun x1 Belt/Leg dual holster

Model X-1(D) Plus X-1(A) Plus
Battery Rechargeable Ni-MH battery, 7.2VDC, 1800mA, running time: 60 minutes (continuously electric shock or illuminating)
Current type DC current AC current
Penetration Around 2cm clothing Around 3.5cm clothing
Peak open circuit arcing voltage Approx. DC 33KV ±10% Approx. AC 50KV (average) ±10%
Frequency 0 Hz (DC current) 50 Hz (AC current)
Output current <0.3mA (measured by connect 100M ohms impedance load) <0.3mA (measured by connect 100M ohms impedance load)
Temperature range -10°C ~ +55°C
Housing High impact carbon composites
Size 150(L)*130(W)*39(H)mm
Weight <450g(without Cartridge)
Warranty 1 year

Name/Model X-1 dedicated digital A/V Cam Recorder
Recording resolution 1280x960/640x480 switchable
Lens 0.6mm
Field of view Around. 61 degree
Memory Micro SD HC card
Date & Time display YMD/HMS
File format AVI
Record mode Continuous
Frames per second 24 fps/29 fps
Charging indication (green light) Charging: ON/Full charged: OFF
Battery capacity 550mA Li-on battery
Battery running time (exclude laser Pointer) Around 80 minutes above
Low power indication Red light flash
Data output port USB 2.0
Dimension 66x59x37 mm
Weight Around 52 g
LED light/Laser pointer
  • LED light: illuminating range reach to around 100M.
  • Laser red-dot pointer.
-Wave length:: 645~665nm.
-MTBF: 10,000 hours
-Output power: Class IIIa–below 5mW


According to test report, X-1 is proven to be completely safe to normal human body, the test items include output Voltage, Current and cartridges conducted by below authorities:

  1. Industrial Technology Research Institute : Test on wave type, electric voltage, electric current.
  2. National Taiwan University of Science and Technology: It’s proven to be completely safe to human body.
  3. Electronics Testing Center, Taiwan: It’s proven to be completely safe to human body.
  4. Automotive Research & Testing Center: The test result is non-lethality after conducting cartridge shooting tests.
  5. Animal Technology Institute Taiwan: It’s harmless to animals according to clinical report in heartbeat, pulse and blood pressure  

This product is licensed and has insured for 20 million with the First Insurance Co., Ltd.


WARNING: This device should only be used in accordance with local laws and regulations. We are not responsible for any misuse of our products and take no responsibility for injuries as a result of improper handling or abuse. We also reserve the right to vary, modify or improve on any specification and/or design at will without any prior notice in accordance with our company’s commitment to quality control and excellence.

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