Raysun FS-E2 Stretchable Video-scope, Videoscope, IR Videoscope

2024/05/24 UPDATE

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Multi-purpose Night Vision Monocular

Raysun FS-E2/FS-D
Wide FOV with invisible IR light Stretchable Video-scope

  • Wear Bluetooth neckWear Bluetooth neckloop under clothes and place micro-sized spy earpiece inside the ear canal to initiate 2 way communication through mobile phone.
  • Feature in light weight (FSE2/D only 780g) and single hand operation. Suitable for industrial inspection, under vehicle checking, assaulting and security check such as trafficking, smuggling and disastrous event.
  • The mini camera (FS-D only∮8mm) can immerse to water/oil and resist acid/alkali, the flexible tube can be freely bended to find a viewing angle then monitor on 3" DVR or transmit to our WRD-3 wireless wrist receiver for real-time monitoring/recording. (multi-task available)
  • Use 0.02lux cam and external IR 915nm illuminator to ensure a good picture quality under low light condition without initiating any light-sensitive electric devices.
  • The IR camera features in invisible red dot to avoid the exposure of user , superb wide-viewing angle at 158° (no blind spot), and 3m effective range.

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Special design



Model FS-E2
Day/night mini color CCD camera Lens 2.1mm, FOV: 158°
Image sensor 1∕4” SONY color CCD
Min. Luminance 0.02 Lux
Camera dia. Φ20×75mm
Electronic shutter 1/60~1/100000
Pixels NTSC:768(H)×496(V)
Power supply 123A Lithium Battery *2
Resolution 520TV Lines
Running Time Around 240 minutes
Infrared LED IR LED Light x 8
Length before extension Around 80 cm
Length after extension Around 190 cm
Extend level 4
Weight Within 650g
(exclude battery)


  1. Mode 2:DVR-3 digital recorder
  2. Mode 2: JT-1210C8 (1W) Wireless A/V Transmitter
    + WRD 3 Wireless Wrist Wear Receiver
  3. Mode 3: JT-1210C8 (1W) wireless A/V Transmitter
    + JR-1208P Wireless Receiver.

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